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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018 Images Quotes

Most beautiful collection of Whatsapp Status 2018 Quotes on Happy Raksha Bandhan Day. You can share our images and messages with your brother and sister. Times and money changes many things. But the love and the bond we share never changes. This Rakhi brings all the blessings, love. The memories may fade away with time but the love and special bond we share will grow ever stronger with each day.
Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018
Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018
Here, We are going to publish the latest collection of Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes, Whatsapp Status, Messages & Quotes 2018 in the Hindi, Gujarati, English, Urdu, Marathi & Malayalam language. Recently we have published the post on, Raksha Bandhan Images,Wallpapers, Photos & Pics for Whatsapp DP.

Raksha Bandhan 2018 Wishes, SMS & Quotes in Hindi

Brother is one of the most precious gift sent by almighty to me and the most precious relation celebrated by us on earth, Sweet Rakhi Day 2018 Wishes to My Sweet Brother!
Though we are not close to each other during this Raksha Bandhan Day. We are together in thoughts & prayers. Wish you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018!
To outside world we grow old, but not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we were as children. We always believe in innocent child living in our hearts. Have a lovely Rakhi Day 2018!
Holi is colourful, Deewali is lightful and brightful, Rakhi has made our relationship Poweful.
I long for the day through the year that you so ceremoniously tie rakhi on my wrist and pray for my well being. Dear Sis, I wish that.
“I am eagerly waiting for the Raksha Bandhan day. Guess, why? My brother has promised me the iPhone 6.”
The memories may fade away with time but the love and special bond we share will grow ever stronger with each day… Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018 Wishes to You!
Times and money changes many things. Be our love and the bond we share never changes. This Rakhi brings all my blessings, love and care for you! Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018 to you!
We gain and lose things everyday. But trust me on one thing.
You’ll never lose me. I will always be here. Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018!
“Whatever you do they will love you; even if they don’t love you they are connected to you till you die. You can be boring and tedious with sisters, whereas you have to put on a good face with friends.” – Deborah Moggach
“It’s hard to be responsible, adult and sensible all the time. How good it is to have a sister whose heart is as young as your own.” – Pam Brown
 “Brothers are like streetlights along the road, they don’t make distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.”
“The loving occasion of Raksha Bandhan is the best time Brother, to reminisce fondly the wonderful moment we have spent together, sharing each other’s joys and sorrows… Thanks for spreading smiles everywhere and making life so beautiful, meaningful and Happy… My Dear Brother.”
“Warm wishes on Rakhi Day! Rakhi Day is the day when special people like you are thought of fondly with love and cheer. Hope every hour of this special day is filled with moments, that will bring happiness for you.”
“Rakhi is just an excuse for me to express myself. You mean the world to me. Lots of happiness from your sister.”
“My dear brother is one of the most precious gifts sent by God. Have a great Rakhi festival my loving bro.”

Raksha Bandhan 2018 Wishes, Quotes & Messages

सुख की छाँव हो या गम की तपिश, मीठी-सी तान हो या तीखी धुन. उजियारा हो या अंधकार, किनारा हो या बीच धार. महफिल हो या तन्हाई…….. हर हाल में तुम्हारे साथ है तुम्हारा भाई.
मानो सावन बदरी से अमृत बरसा रही है
फूलों से डालियाँ लहलहा रही है
रक्षाबंधन अपने संग ढेरों खुशियाँ ला रही है
रक्षाबंधन की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाएँ
– अन्शुलिका सिंह
हमारी खूबियों को अच्छे से जानती है बहनें
हमारी कमियों को भी पहचानती है बहनें
फिर भी हमें सबसे ज्यादा मानती है बहनें.
बहन कभी नहीं मांगती है, सोने-चाँदी के हार
उसे तो सिर्फ चाहिए, भाई का प्यार-दुलार.
सावन भाई-बहन के रिश्ते को फिर से हरा-भरा करने पूर्णिमा के चाँद के साथ आया है.
राखी… भाई की वचनबद्धता और बहन की ममता, दुलार अपने संग लाया है.
राखी लेकर आए….. आपके जीवन में खुशियाँ हजार
रिश्तों में मिठास घोल जाए, ये भाई-बहन का प्यार
भाई-बहन का अनूठा रिश्ता है ये जिसमें, अनुज हो या अग्रज… बड़ा हो या छोटा हर भाई-बहन इस अद्वितीय, अटूट, अहम रिश्ते में प्यार से बंधा है. रक्षाबंधन की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाएँ
रोली, रक्षा, अक्षत का ये ये रक्षाबंधन
खुशियों का हो हार्दिक संगम
रक्षाबंधन 2018 की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाएँ
“उसका हुस्न गया कलेजा चीर,
नयनो से बरबस छूटा एक तीर,
वह मुस्कुराई नज़दीक आई,
बोली राखी बँधवाले मेरे वीर”
हैप्पी रक्षा बंधन 2018!

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